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ZSJ series automatic vacuum powder loader
Introduction: Brief Introduction It's developed by Fangli , referring to the German product. Air and powder are c
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FAL series automatic vacuum loader
Introduction: Feature ● Controller and hopper are separate . It's safe and easy . ● Microcomputer control . ● I
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FHD series hopper dryer
Introduction: Feature ● Even heat distribution ● High efficient to save lots of time. ● Accurate temperature co
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SRL-Z series vertical heating/cooling mixer
Introduction: Feature ● Cylinder body made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel . ● Vane is made of high stren
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SRL-W series horizontal heating and cooling mixer
Introduction: Feature It's mixing, whipping, drying and dyeing for plastic, rubber and chemical, etc. It's good c
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SH series mixer
Introduction: Brief Introduction It rotates and overturns materials by rotary vanes for fast mixing. It is suitab
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