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Nowadays, it is very considerable that customers are getting more and more demanding for the products they desired. They always seek the products with the following strengths:
Control cost to meet pressure on prices
Flexibility in production
Meeting increasing demand of quality standards
Keeping technology up to date
Improved in environmental protection

It is very clear that competition is tough and globalization makes it tougher.

However, it is FANGLI who has been committing to provide such solution all along the line and helps customers to meet the escalating market pressure today and tomorrow. FANGLI adopts a product-strategy on the innovation and ensures its competitiveness by quality products, established raw-material suppliers and cheap skilled labor plus good value-added service.

Take the requirements of the clients as its own, the Group has been striving in the improvements of a complete quality-control system. In 2001, it got the Quality System Certificate issued by the British SGS Company and passed the sec-interview in 2007. All the main products got the CE Certificate in 2005.

Though recognized would over, we are continuously expanding our know-how through on-going high investment in research and development.

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